Understanding More about Gaskets

Have you ever been told not to blow a gasket? We all know what this term means in everyday speech, but the severity of the real thing is no joke. More often than not, blown gaskets lead to more breakdowns than any other vehicular malfunction.

These mysterious devices are a seal that keeps air and fluids where they belong and prevents them from mixing, escaping or invading places they shouldn’t be. The most important parts of your vehicle depend on the help of gaskets to do their jobs right – the oil pan gasket keeps oil supplied to the crankshaft, the intake/exhaust gaskets help maintain temperatures and air flow and the cylinder head gaskets pad the gap between the heads and the engine block.

These flexible seals are made of layers of thin metal (mostly steel and copper) with a rubbery outer coating. It’s easy to spot when they’re about to fail because this coating will crack, gaps will start to show and they’ll stiffen. Often, nasty deposits will build up around them once that seal begins to fail.

It’s easy to make gaskets last longer by staying on top of the oil and fluid changes and keep a very close eye on engine temperatures. At Car Express, we’re committed to helping you understand your vehicle better, so visit us today.



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