Why is Horsepower Used in Comparing Vehicles?

The term "horsepower" comes up quite often when discussing and comparing vehicles and it is interesting to learn where the term came from. During the 18th century the noted inventor, James Watt, was looking for a way to communicate the power of his steam engines to his customers. The steam engine at the time vastly improved the efficiency of farm work when it came to harvesting and threshing.

Watt observed that ponies working at a coal mine could move 22,000 foot-pounds per minute, and when translated to horses, he upped the production to 33,000 foot-pounds per minute. Since the most common method of transportation in the day was by horse, that was a very relatable comparison.

Today, the use of the word horsepower is a very common way of comparison when it comes to judging various vehicles. For more information feel free to contact us here at Car Express, and we will be happy to go into further detail with you at 6020 Shallowford Road Suite 104!

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