Tire Markings 101

The Department of Transportation is the authority in tire specifications for auto-manufacturers. They set the standard that tire manufacturers must abide by for safety. Driver can choose many types of tires on the markets for their vehicle.

Tire markings provide important details about the tires safety features to the consumer, technicians, and auto-manufacturers. Most cars and trucks utilize P tires that mean passenger vehicle. The section width specifies the width of the tires for traction. Aspect ration compares the height of the tire in relation to its width. Speed rating alerts the top speed the tires can be driven safely. Radial assembles references the construction of the tire to consumers. wheel diameter references the size of the wheel the tire can safely be mounted.

Auto-manufacturers have preselected tires for your vehicle upon purchase, but a knowledgeable service technician can recommend replacement tires when needed. At Car Express, we have a dynamic service team that can help you select new tires in no time!

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