How to Properly Adjust Your Mirrors

New technology has made things like backing up a lot easier without use of your mirrors. But using your side mirrors work best when it comes to looking at your blind spot. In order to use your mirrors most effectively they have to be adjusted to the driver. Here's a guide to adjusting your mirrors.

  • Adjust your seat so that you are sitting comfortably and so that you can clearly see over the wheel, dashboard, and hood.
  • Lean left and put your head almost against the glass, then set the mirror on that side to where you can just see a sliver of that side of your car.
  • To adjust the right side you should place your head about where the center console is, then adjust the mirror on the right side so that you just see a sliver of the car.
  • Check out the view from your mirrors by going for a drive. Take note of how wide the view is across all mirrors. You'll probably see a lot more of what's behind you but when you overlap between the mirrors just right you won't miss anything.
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