What Should I Pack in the Car for Safe Holiday Travels?

If you are able to pack the right things for your long holiday road trip, you have a better chance of arriving there safely. This guide will help you to select the right items to pack in your vehicle for those little emergencies that could spring up during your journey.
  • Make sure the spare tire has air, pack some cans of fix-a-flat, and be sure the tire jack is complete and in working condition.
  • Bring a small bag with assorted tools like a hammer, wrenches, wire cutters, scissors, and vise-grips.
  • Pack a gas can and jumper cables because most people that will offer to help you may not be carrying these items.
  • Keep a roll of duct tape in the car so you can make small repairs to the vehicle.
Now you know what to bring, come to CarExpress so we can offer you a full holiday road trip vehicle inspection.
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