You Can Find Great Service at Your Dealership

Do you love your car? If so, then do it the justice of giving it the best maintenance. The big question, of course, is where do you find the best service. The answer? Dealerships like Car Express.

What does our service center have to offer that smaller, independent mechanics don't? Here are a few things to consider:

  • We have a highly skilled pool of factory-trained technicians offering quality services. Your car will be serviced properly to guarantee a good ride.
  • We use OEM-approved parts to guarantee the best results.
  • We can fill you in on recalls if your car falls under our brands.

Whatever your car needs done, our service center in Chattanooga, TN is staffed and equipped to handle it. We can inspect your car, change fluids, check your tires, and more. Call us today, and we'll work to find an appointment time that works for your schedule. Our service staff can also answer any questions you have.

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