Practical Family Vehicles Are More Fun Than a Classic Sports Car

Many families in the Chattanooga area choose to purchase pre-owned minivans or SUVs that only have a few years on them. Often, this is the most practical and economical choice—a recent-year used vehicle saves money over buying new, and vans and SUVs are spacious and safe.

Your car-enthusiast neighbor, cruising around town in their classic 1960 Chevy Corvette sport convertible, might scoff at your mundane selection, however.

While a classic car is undoubtedly cool, there are a few numbers to consider before you decide your identity is being swallowed by boring-parent clichés. The most recent batch of minivans tested this year boasted 0 to 60 mph times as fast as 6.6 seconds. The 1960 Corvette is only a tenth of a second faster than a minivan.

There are a lot of choices you can make when buying a used car, from classic and sporty, to modern and pragmatic, and we all have our priorities. Thanks to modern engineering, even the most parental vehicles can be just as much fun to drive as the sports cars of yesterday.

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