Get Your Car Issues Fixed Right Away

If you get an indicator message light up on your dash be sure to pay attention to it. If you get a low tire pressure indicator, it could mean that you will have a flat soon unless you take action-and quickly. Your indicator lights will give you enough time to get your issues fixed before you have a big problem on your hands.

If you get a message that indicates that there is a problem with your engine, transmission, or battery you need to bring your vehicle to us here at Car Express right away so that we can run a diagnostic on your vehicle and get it fixed pronto. You just never want to ignore the issue, or you will end up with a big and expensive repair on your hands. Take action right away and take advantage of your indicator lights. They are there for a very good reason.

For more information before an indicator light turns on, be sure to stop into our Chattanooga service center at your earliest convenience!

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