Tips to Keep Your Car Organized

Having a cluttered car can make you not even want to drive. But, you can get organized with a few easy and budget friendly steps. You'll no longer feel embarrassed to have friends and family ride with and you'll be excited to get behind the wheel again. These tips include:

  • Use suction cup window organizers to store things for the kids. This works great for crayons and snacks.
  • A small foldable file holder is perfect for storing important car paperwork in the glove box. This makes them easy to find.
  • Use shower caddies to hold items that you need to keep in the car. Hang them in the front or back.
  • Get something to hold trash in your car. You can purchase a trash can specifically made for the car or you can use a plastic grocery bag.
  • Use a plastic tub to organize your trunk. You can place your necessities, such as an emergency car kit, in it.
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